Engage, convert, delight: The power of video in content marketing

Engage, Convert, Delight: The Power of Video in Content Marketing

Video in content marketing

We live in an age of instant gratification. Ultra-fast Internet speeds are ubiquitous for most and we have become accustomed to having virtually unlimited access to any information and content we require, in the blink of an eye.

This is not a trend in isolation. Rather, it has arisen as a consequence of our busy modern lives. We have become exceptionally time-poor as we strive to do business in a global marketplace that is more connected, and less patient, than ever before. Consequently, the nature of marketing, and content marketing in particular, has changed.

Brands are turning away from traditional Above The Line media, such as radio and television, in favour of leveraging off of more cost-effective and innovative Below The Line and direct marketing channels. It is becoming commonplace to target specific customers and communicate with them on their terms, catering marketing messages to microcosms of your target audience, rather than simply developing a blanket message to chuck at anyone who will listen.

In this contemporary global market you don’t have the luxury of long sales pitches and most customers will only give you a few minutes to convince them that your product/service is what they need. As a result, content, and its subsequent delivery, has become king. You have to get your message right and deliver it in the most concise, direct and engaging way possible and whilst a picture can tell a story, a video can embody an entire experience.

The undeniable value of video

Video content is experiencing something of a revolution. From SMMEs to global mega-brands, more and more businesses are discovering the inherent value of video, over other media, in conveying impactful and effective messages, faster than ever. According to Comscore, the threshold for average internet users watching online video everyday has broken 100 million and continues to grow at a rapid rate.

It’s even gotten to the point that just the thought of video content is a far more attractive proposition than other content forms, with recent studies from Brainshark suggesting that simply mentioning the word ‘video’ in an email subject line can increase the likelihood of a mail being opened by up to 19%.

The question is no longer ‘Should my business be using video marketing?’ but rather ‘How do we get the best ROI from our video marketing efforts?’

Getting your video marketing right

There are a number of factors to consider when choosing video marketing and selecting the right agency to develop and deliver your video is the most important step in ensuring you see real value and measurable ROI.

Inbound Inc. is adept at developing content marketing videos that not only address all of your marketing KPIs and reach your intended audience, but also ensure that you see these leads converted into real sales, before continuing to engage with and delight new and existing customers.

Working in collaboration with the highly distinguished, award-winning PLR Productions, our track record in producing engaging, effective video content is second to none. From corporate videos, animations and product/service explanation videos to interviews, seminar coverage, training videos and more, we have a versatile range of solutions to meet your video marketing needs.

The Inbound Inc. video marketing process

We follow a tried and tested process that ensures the videos we produce exceed our clients’ expectations, delivering real value that goes beyond simply conveying their message.

1. Understanding your target audience:

It is essential that your content be directed at the right audience. A broad blanket message that will speak to any audience is far less likely to see real, measurable impact and engagement than a carefully targeted piece of content that speaks the language of your intended customer. We conduct meticulous market research and draw strategically–driven insights into your target market, to ensure we know exactly at whom the message is directed and develop the content accordingly to see optimum levels of customer engagement.

2. Strategy and concept development:

With a clear understanding of the intended audience, we develop a powerful, strategically-aligned concept, from which concise, targeted content can be created. From storyboarding to scriptwriting, we ensure that the content of the video is of the highest standard and designed to resonate with your audience.

3. Producing the video:

Once the content is approved and the strategic direction is in place, we set about the production of the video. Whether it’s animation or live-action video, we take the utmost care and precision with every single frame to ensure that the lighting, composition, colours, graphics and audio are optimised to the highest production standards. We take care of all the logistical requirements, from sourcing actors and voice-over artists, scouting and arranging locations, sourcing props, makeup, wardrobe and whatever else is required to produce video that will leave a lasting impression!

4. Post-production:

Once the footage has been shot, the magic happens. Our post-production gurus set about cutting and editing the footage to ensure only the best shots are used, before bringing it all together in a concise and engaging narrative that will ensure your audience is hooked from the first frame to the last.  In this stage we also finalise the music, audio and visual effects, video graphics, colour and resolution, before rendering and preparing a range of video files and sizes for your intended media channels.

5. Going the extra mile:

Once we’ve created your video and are totally satisfied that it meets our stringent quality standards, we don’t just hand over and send you on your way. We go above and beyond by assisting and facilitating the delivery of your video across a range of digital and social media channels. We aren’t happy until we know the right audience is seeing your video content and the highest possible levels of engagement are recorded, thereby generating real ROI and ensuring your message is received.

It’s undeniable that video is the future of content marketing and, in order to really connect with the contemporary consumer, your business should be tapping into this invaluable resource wherever possible.

If you would like to learn more about the range of video marketing solutions that Inbound Inc. offers, or you’re ready to discuss your video idea with us, give us a call and start leveraging off of this most versatile and robust medium!

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