Is your site ready for paid traffic?


Is your site ready for paid traffic?

Is your website ready for paid traffic?

When it comes to pay-per-click (PPC) ads, the majority of people seem to have a “build it and they will come” kind of mindset. These ads are portrayed as being the easiest way to direct the kind of traffic you want to your website. It looks like all you need is a URL it can be directed to and the right keywords. But is this really the case? What happens once they’re on your site?

With the PPC bandwagon on the roll, many have jumped on it without hesitation, spending large amounts of money on PPC campaigns. These companies think they’re paying for visitors who end up spending money on their site, yet all they’re really paying for is the traffic – with little to no knowledge of where these visitors end up or whether they’re turning into leads.

The overlooked component of paid traffic

Approximately 64.6% of people click on Google Ads when they’re searching for a product or service, proving that PPC ads do hold value. So if your PPC campaign hasn’t been delivering quite the results you expected, you need to investigate the possibility of another component affecting the strength of your ads.

The biggest mistake businesses make is setting up a PPC campaign and failing to consider the rest of the journey that visitor takes once they’re on your website. Your website is often the first interaction customers have with your brand and needs to be a professional representation of what you do. If your website can’t accurately welcome PPC paid traffic and direct them to the appropriate product or service, it will hamper the effectiveness of your PPC ads.

How do I know if my website is ready?

To gain better control over where your paid traffic goes and whether they turn into leads, you need to look at the following aspects of your website:

Is your website up to date?

The look and feel of your website is important to your corporate image and a sleek, up to date website will distinguish you from your competitors. Any potential leads also need to be able to easily find the information they’re looking for.

Is your website responsive?

Many companies run mobile PPC ads without making sure their site is responsive, meaning they pay for traffic that can’t properly navigate the site once they’re there. A responsive site will improve the user experience and this will, in turn, increase the chance of a conversion.

Is your website converting?

If your site gets high traffic but few conversions, it means visitors aren’t able to find what they’re looking for and your site isn’t selling your product or service well enough. To gain more conversions, your site needs to be optimised or, better yet, you need to direct paid traffic to a landing page.

It all starts with impressive website design

What do visitors see when they land on your website? If the answer is anything other than a unified representation of your brand, perhaps it’s time to consider a redesign. Not only does a clean, stylish website make your brand stand out, but it will also make your PPC ads more effective. In a previous blog we discuss the advantages of growth-driven design, and this is exactly what you need to leverage to get better PPC conversion rates. A streamlined, optimised website with good site speed and an impressive user experience will ensure you direct the traffic you pay for to the appropriate destination.

In addition to your site’s design, another effective way of improving your conversion rate is directing your paid traffic to a landing page and not your homepage. This dedicated page can be structured in such a way that it best serves the keywords you have selected. Sending traffic to a homepage leaves the user with no desired action to take, whereas a landing page can have a clear headline and call to action (CTA), and give them exactly the information they need.

Whether it’s a new website design, a redesign, or a landing page, Inbound Inc. can design and develop the mobile-responsive website your business deserves. As part of a range of professional services, our web development involves CMS design, analytic tools and creating a unified brand. If you find yourself seeking an optimised website and better PPC conversion rates, then perhaps this is the first step.


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